Criminology Applied Diploma Level 3 ( 1 A Level Equivalent)

Criminology Applied Diploma Level 3 ( 1 A Level Equivalent)

Course Content
Do you want to know about crime? Criminology covers all aspects of crime, from what types of crime there are to the range of punishments people receive for committing crime. This Level 3 Applied Diploma in Criminology contains elements of Psychology, Law and Sociology, which complement the study of Humanities or Social Science subjects. During the course, you will investigate:
• How crime is portrayed in the media and how this affects people’s view of crime
• Different theories and explanations about why people commit crime
• How crime is investigated and criminals are prosecuted
• How laws are made
• How punishment works and ways to control crime

Why Study Criminology?
Criminology is an increasingly popular subject for students who are interested in a career in criminal justice, or studying criminology at university. The subject explores why people commit crime, drawing on explanations from psychology and sociology, along with how society tackles crime through the law, policing and punishment. Students learn about different types of crime, how people’s perceptions of crime are shaped and how crimes are investigated.

Assessment is via internal and external assessment and are graded A*-E.

The assessments are as follows:
• Changing Awareness of Crime (internal assessment)
• Criminological Theories (external assessment)
• Crime Scene to Courtroom (internal assessment)
• Crime and Punishment (external assessment)

Entry Requirements
5 GCSEs at grade 5 or above. Students must have achieved grade 5 or above in Maths and a 5 in English.

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